I Became a “Crunchy” Mom and I Didn’t Realize It

I’m new to the whole parenting thing…..ok……I have a little more over a year under my belt but I believe I am still brand new.  There were many things I did not know.  I knew how to treat a sick child and I knew how to take care of babies and kids for a short time (babysitting experience) but parenting is a whole other ball game.  When people told me that my life would change, I did believe them but now I think that they totally under-emphasized how much.  
I did seek lots of advice in the early months (still do actually) and I read plenty of books.  However, I also did things instinctively, what felt right for my baby and my family.  What I didn’t expect was so many labels for different parenting styles.  I’ve met other parents who’ve asked me if I was a holistic mama, an attached parent, a crunchy mama, or a silky mama.  About a year ago, I never even knew what these terms meant.  I just thought I was a mom who wanted what’s best for her baby and family while trying to raise him as naturally as possible in this modern age.
That being said, after my baby boy was born and I started wading through sleep and breastfeeding, I began to lean more towards what people would call “crunchy mom” behavior.  I breastfed a lot, wore my baby frequently, and co-slept in a side-car arrangement.  I became an advocate in the no-cry sleep and vaccine awareness.  Although, I do have a holistic background since I am an acupuncturist with a focus on pediatric care I don’t think I have the same views as when I was pre-baby. 

I gravitated towards a more holistic type of parenting and it fit very nicely with our family and lifestyle.  I felt good caring and nurturing my baby this way, it felt natural to me and my son thrived on it.  I do understand that this is not for everyone and I encourage all moms to discover what feels right for their family.  And do not let anyone judge you for how you parent your child.  The most important thing is to be the best parent you can be. 


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